How to Get From Baku to Tbilisi

If you want to go from baku to tbilisi by bus, you have to go Avtovağzal bus station. It takes half an hour between İçerişehir metro station to Avtovağzal bus station.

There is a bus every hour at every night. So, You can find bus every day and every night. You have to pay 12,5 Manat (about $ 5) lira for the bus ticket. The platform number on the ticket, bus is the starting point.

How to Get From İçerişehir Metro Station to Avtovağzal bus station

Actually, you have to go from İçerişehir Metro Station. Then you can get in metro, after get off Memar Acemi station. Then you have to transfer make to purple color line. So you do not pay a transfer fee. Once you get out of Avtovagzal stop by metro and go out, go to the opposite side of the road. Follow the arrows “Kassa” or “Tickets“.

How to Get From Baku to Tbilisi

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